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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Hello Welome to the Exchange Network

(He taught how money worked).... 
Welcome to The Exchange Network. I am Charles I'm using this blog  to generate passive income  and to build AG Investments, the AG stand for another great investment. It's an investment company or Capital venture company that is here to make the world a better place, to make people's dreams become reality, let's live the dream... I'm terribly sorry for not introducing myself in the first blog... The content  will be a little bit of everything but mainly information on Financial Freedom in other words passive income no I'm not an expert but this is my journey join me learn from my mistakes love for my successes one thing for sure I keep it 100 and I ain't going to sugar-coat nothing...

I know if my grandfather, with a third grade education. Who could not read. Who is the son of a sharecropper was born in 1923 Alabama who showed me how to pick cotton . And he told me Chucky work hard for your money then make your money work hard for you. He couldn't read but he was smart enough to understand how money work you work hard for your money and then you take that money and you invest it that's how you make your money work hard for you you invest it...

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