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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Recommended read Nasar "Real Estate Duru" El Arabi

 Some things never change.... I remember in high school. There was a gentleman who you can say was a class clown a regular stand up comedian. The only thing he was missing was cup of liquor and a microphone... This guy would have us rolling... Yeah that guy on the cover of (I ain't going to start something I can't finish) the Book is flipping houses like burgers, he really is... In the first quarter of the last two years he profited six figures he's the reason why I am I pursuing passive income he's the reason why I am Focus follow one course until successful so I had to give a shoutout on my blog and for keeping me going to give me inspiration shout to the man the Nasa So Arabi real estate Duru that's not a typo... and you know what he start off with with his real estate career absolutely nothing he knows how to flip houses with no money no credit no nothing just ambition

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