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Shopify Partner

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Shopify is giving stores away free

Well, the reason why I am blogging is because of the knowledge I acquired through Shopify and the guy in the video Rory... I heard him talk about how he can show me how to make a $1,000 USD in 1 week on Shopify and Shopify gives you a 2 weeks free no card needed (duh I signed up)... So to make a long story short I did not make a the a $1,000.00 USD in a week however the information that I have learned and applying is worth much more then the monthly subscription it changed my life they pretty much fronted me a store for two weeks and if I could make my monthly subscription fee it was free... So if you are interested in starting a store and need a little assistance to reach out to me Charles Taylor at email address:  ... Here's a link to my other blog and 3 web stores I developed for a few potential clients...

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